Management Services

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Emerald Energy offer independent, proactive management services of renewable energy projects at all stages of their lifecycle. From a team of experienced backgrounds across the spectrum of renewable energy disciplines, emerald Energy has the ability to deliver high value advice & service based on the practical consulting skills at the very core of our business ethos.

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As a truly multi-disciplinary renewable energy consultancy, we work across all project stage interfaces and are equipped to catch the key interface risks others miss. Our team is very experienced in project management, cost management, due diligence, & financial services. More detail is provided below.

Project Management

Emerald Energy’s Project Management works with clients to achieve their goals through performance, innovation and stability’.

Emerald Energy delivers successful projects through understanding our clients’ project objectives, drivers and constraints. From this understanding, we add value by bringing our leadership experience to meet or exceed your short- and long-term objectives.

Whether there is requirement for Emerald Energy to be involved in every facet of a project or perhaps just specific areas or requirements of the project, our team is flexible, attentive and extremely capable. With an excellent understanding of total project management requirements, mixed with the capability to think outside the box, Emerald Energy offer a wide range of innovative project services.

Emerald Energy will bring a pragmatic approach to any situation. Emerald Energy believes in the ‘human’ approach to a project, blended with the critical steps to deliver high quality results.

Stakeholder Management – Emerald Energy will work closely with project stakeholders, identifying their requirements and managing their communication needs and issues.
Risk Management – Emerald Energy will identify possible project risks, creating and implementing mitigation strategies in order to minimize the impact on the project.
Issues Management – Emerald Energy will work to identify any issues that may impact the project in any way and will managing them through to resolution.
Resource Management – Emerald Energy will control and prioritise project expenditures on products, services and labor in order to achieve the objectives of the project within the agreed budget.
Task Management – Emerald Energy will assign, prioritise and monitor project tasks and workflows in order to complete the project on schedule.
Quality Management – Emerald Energy will ensure that project deliverables meet the agreed standards and satisfy stakeholder requirements at each stage of the project.
Project Change Control – Emerald Energy will set a project baseline and identify, review, approve and monitor proposed changes to the project scope.
Project Team Management – Emerald Energy can assist in electing project team members, clarifying roles, providing feedback and motivating groups. Driven by a desire to achieve high performance, Emerald Energy can provide the a human, down-to-earth approach to any project.

Cost Management

Emerald Energy’s Cost Management can provided specialist services to the renewable energy industry. Emerald Energy offer assistance with the delivery of quality projects for a wide range of private companies, public companies, local authority and central government organisations, within budget and to programme.

Emerald’s Cost Management team delivers a high standard of cost leadership based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of cost management principles within the renewable energy industry. Emerald Energy offer full project services in cost management, from feasibility and concept design through to completion of construction.

Emerald’s Cost Management team delivers successful financial outcomes to projects through a detailed understanding of our clients’ project objectives, drivers and constraints. Our first focus on any project is to cement protocols on communication of budgets and costs, information sharing amongst team members and client reporting requirements and formats. Our aim is to support the client and project manager, as well as designers and specialist advisors, so that all members of the project team deliver a project that meets or exceeds expectations. We strive to maintain a value approach to project delivery and to drive successful outcomes with our Clients.

Being a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice, the Emerald Energy team can draw upon expertise within the fields of design, engineering, control, delivery and management throughout the project’s life cycle, from inception to completion. We strive to provide tangible benefits when looking at all possible options and business case solutions for a project’s development.

Using a range of estimating and cost reporting systems, we can provide detailed financial information at all stages of the project. We use in-house systems as well as web based, commercial packages that allow remote, real-time reporting to clients and stakeholders.

Due Diligence Services

Independent, proactive assessment of renewable energy projects at all stages of the lifecycle.

Ability to deliver high value advice based on the practical consulting skills at the very core of our business ethos.. As a truly multi-disciplinary renewable energy consultancy, we work across all project stage interfaces and are equipped to catch the key interface risks others miss.

Our due diligence services are used by banks, private equity institutions and developers worldwide for project evaluation, financing and risk management.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Energy Yield & Uncertainty Analysis
  • Development Risk Management
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Operating Risk Management
  • Interface Risk Management

Financial Services

  • Indicative cost feasibility studies
  • Cost planning, modelling and cost option appraisal studies
  • Insurance cost estimates and cost information to substantial insurance claims
  • Engineering services cost management
  • Preparing Schedules and Bills of Quantities
  • Strategic procurement advice
  • Preparation of financial tender documents
  • Contract preparation and administration
  • Cost management/ financial administration & reporting from feasibility through to project close
  • Financial & final account statements & audits
  • Monitoring role associated with Direct Funding
  • ‘Expert Witness’ & claims analysis support
  • Parallel estimates
  • TOC validation
  • Value management
  • Whole life costing
  • Risk management.